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«Τhe Greek God of War»



It’s a fact that after warfare around the world, numerous accidents of peaceful period, that happen from imponderables in ammunitions, explosives or composition of those (powders, forwarders etc), disasters caused for example by terrorist actions, but also in troop exercises during peaceful period, such as shooting ranges, minefields etc is generally observed the presence of dangerous ammunitions (UXO, ERW) etc. The affected areas should be cleaned by those residues, due to be given for safe use to society. Also a postexplosive research might have to be done and prepare expertise, in order to find the exact causes of an accident from ammunitions or explosives etc.  Packaging , transport and distraction of withdrawn or old supplies of ammunitions from Armed or Security Forces, according to the international rules. Studies and providing guidance for upgrade, refutation, handling, storing etc, ammunitions, explosives or composition of those. The above work is covered from our company with the multiexperient personnel, mainly veterans from Armed Forces highly trained with multifaceted, many years of experience in the concrete, objects and having the specialty of ammunition technician EOD-IED.